The service cardionom.com provides blood pressure,  pulse and weight readings of a patient. It is extremely accessible as it can be used all over the world with an online access. By putting the information about your blood pressure, pulse, and weight you can find out whether your body is on the right track and what are its tendencies.  There are two options of our service, BASIC and PREMIUM. With the basic ... read more 

Your healthy heart

Taking your blood pressure – this is not difficult!!!! It is one of the few tests, that the patient is able to perform at home. Please carefully follow the instructions below in order to perform the blood pressure test yourself: Prior to start, rest at least for 5 min., Do not perform the blood pressure test after physical activity, Do not eat big meals, drink coffee or alcohol, or smoke cigarettes 30 min prior to the blood pressure measurement, Please operate the blood pressure device according to its instructions entirely and keep it at the level of the heart, Do not speak or move during the time of measurement. ATTENTION!!! If the blood pr... read more 


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